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Our wide range of al

Vertical All Geared Milling Machine

Our wide range of all geared Vertical All Geared Milling Machine is designed by our technocrats using advanced technology. Reckoned for their high performance and efficiency, these geared milling machines are specially designed to meet the application requirements of engineering, process and construction industries. The specifications of these machines are as follows: Offered in 12 speed heads. 18 feed in X.Y.Z. movement. One repaid travers; complete electrical. Motors: I.S.I make. Electrical control panel. Coolant pump, bellows, lubrication system with manual pump, tapper jibs, wipers stips. Vertical and cross feeds single lever drive. The extra accessories offered with these machines are as under. Vertical head Parking bracket Slotting attachment Rack cutting attachment Dividing head Rotary table Milling machine vice Machine lamp DRO Boring head Collet

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